Bat hospital

A little background, Greg is pretty much phobic of rodents of any kind, and bats in particular. At the campsites where we’ve been staying, there are giant Flying Fox bats that come out at night – roughly the size of an eagle, so they’re big. He bravely took the kids out to see them one evening despite bristling with apprehension. The next day, I was looking at some tourist brochures and one was for a bat hospital. So Jude says, “is that where they take sick bats?” And joking, I said “no, that’s where they take people who have been attacked by bats.” Greg whipped around so fast and with a totally deadpan look of horror said “Seriously, are you kidding?!?!” I laughed so hard I think I pulled something.

Can’t say I blame him, if there were giant flying cockroaches (my pet phobia) I probably would have done the same thing, but man that was funny.


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