Best picture hanging hack

I’m sure you’ve seen those picture “galleries” with a ton of differently sized framed pictures hanging together to make one large wall piece.  Have you ever tried to make one of those in your own house?  Absolute nightmare.  You have to measure every picture and how thick the frame is and get the nail in the wall just so or it looks off and then you end up with 20 holes in your wall because you just couldn’t find

picture gallery

Go to your local store and get yourself some command picture hanging strips.  If you’ve never used these before, they are little Velcro type strips that have adhesive on one side and hooks on the other so when you squash them together they stay stuck like Velcro.  The beauty of these babies is they just stick on.  No measuring, no holes, just stick and you’re done.  You will have to go through the usual steps of laying out your picture composition before sticking them up willy-nilly, but once you’re figured out the layout, most of the work is done.

When it’s hanging-time, take two of the strips and press them together lightly so the hooks catch each other but not so firmly that they’re stuck for life.  Now, remove the backing on one and press it onto the back of the frame (make sure you get it on a flat

picture strips

And before you ask, no (sadly,) 3M is not paying me to endorse their product, they’re just just geniuses.  Happy hanging!


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