Did I hear that right?

Ever feel like the universe is speaking to you?  

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But when is it the universe telling you that something you want isn’t going to be a good fit for you, and when should you just work a little ha


I’ve been feeling antsy lately, like we need to make a change in some things and it’s like an itch I need to scratch.  I am the kind of person who will just blindly ram that thing on through when I want something, (some people call it stubborn, I’d like to think of it as pluck.)  But time has shown me that getting my way isn’t always the best thing for me.  It’s hard to tell when the universe wants you to get out of your own way and when it wants you to push harder.  Or am i just having a mid-life crisis and the Universe is actually out to lunch at the moment?


I literally have no idea which it’s saying to me right now, but my ears are open and there’s something on the horizon.

Or not.