Ditching the camper

Enthusiasm can only trump reality for so long. We’ve thrown in the towel on the camper and booked hotels for the last leg of the trip. Turns out 5 weeks in a tiny rolling house isn’t as much fun as it sounds. We made it 3 weeks though, and I think thats pretty respectable. We’ve decided to hole up at a place along Mission Beach to try and regain our sanity. We do still have the camper for another week or so, so the beast will still be our mode of transportation.

Greg’s gotten really good at driving it, proof of this is that we are still alive. Funny story – we got lost on our way here because of YouTube. The boys want to watch on our phones, but it sucks up all our data, so as we’re on the way here our map craps out because we ran out of data. We think we’re going the right way, so no big deal. Until we get to the craziest death trap road in Australia. Remember how I told you we took the other crazy road along the coast before and thought we were going to die? Well, we chose to go back down that insane road in order to avoid this one. And here we were. And we didn’t know it. Until we were about 1/2 way through, and well then it’s just too late. But Greg came through with flying colors and now we’re at this beautiful place to chill out for a couple of days. Next, we’re off to do some whale watching in Hervey Bay in a couple of days.


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