Easy DIY Presents Your Friends Won’t Regift

For those of us who like to DIY, the Christmas season is a great time to exercise our crafting skills.  Here are some fun and easy crafts you can make and give as gifts that people will actually want.

Bottle Toppers

There are so many fun ways to make these that if you know someone with a sense of humor, they’re going to love them.  Use the ideas below as examples, but don’t be afraid to come up with something fun and quirky on your own.

Links to tutorials here:

  1. Christmas Trees: Oh So Beautiful Paper

  2. Trophies: Sometimes Handmade

  3. Animals: DIYProjects.com

I would also recommend a bottle of wine to go with them – partly because they don’t make a lot of sense without them, partly because you don’t want to be that cheap.  Of course, you can use an old cork you have lying around, or better yet get a new bottle of wine, open it, drink it, and then use the cork for the gift (that’s a win-win.)  But, if you want to go the extra mile, consider springing for a virgin cork or even one of the fancy metal kinds.


Either way, you are going to want to use a really strong, substantial glue to hold your topper to your cork.  I don’t recommend super glue, it’s too thin and soaks into the cork too fast and really won’t work all that well for this.  I would use an epoxy for something that’s going to get this kind of use – any kind of 5-minute epoxy will work, and you can find this at most hardware stores.  Unless you are really good with Gorilla glue, don’t use it because you will probably end up with a bubbly, sticky mess on something this small.  To really seal the deal, especially if you’re going to use a plain cork is to connect the topper to the base by drilling a hole into both and inserting either a stick or a small screw along with the epoxy.  This will give you a mechanical joint as well as an adhesive one, which is stronger.

Other Alcohol Related Goodies

Because alcohol at the holidays is always a good idea…

Tutorial Links:

  1. Gnomes: HGTV.com

  2. Wine Bags: One Sutton Place

  3. Beer Reindeer: The Striped House

While the beer bottle reindeer look a little like Beaker from The Muppets, I think that makes them even more fun.  If you are going to do this one, make sure to remove any labels from the neck of the bottle if you want to nail this look.


These are some really cute plant ideas and succulents are generally easy to care for, but have mercy on your friends who you know are plant challenged and consider adding a fake plant rather than a real one, or at least give them a back-up one in case their real one dies.

Tutorial Links:

  1. Mason Jars: The Golden Sycamore

  2. Cork Succulents: It Started With Paint

  3. Dinosaur Planters: Homes to Love.com

One note to add to the animal planter instructions – before you paint them, spray paint them with primer if you want them to hold up otherwise the paint will get sticky and degrade over time.

Spa Products

Who doesn’t love a reason to pamper themselves?  These spa inspired DIY gifts are sure to make your friends feel well cared for.  Click on the links below for tutorials on how to make these Cinnamon stick candles, Aromatherapy sugar scrub, and Gingerbread bath bombs.

Tutorial Links:

  1. Candles: Home Stories A to Z

  2. Sugar Scrub: Love Grows Wild

  3. Gingerbread Bath Bombs: Pistachio Project

Things in Jars

If your friends are like most everyone else these days, they probably can’t get enough of Mason Jars.  The classic and classy little jars are the darling of the craft world at the moment, so giving these gifts will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Kits: There are so many things you can combine to make a mini kit.  The secret to making them look as cute as the ones below is to carefully select all the contents to match with a particular color scheme.  The pieces of the sewing kit are all neutrals, the pedicure kit tones of blue and silver, and the bloody mary kit plays with the reds in the package labels.

Tutorial Links:

  1. Sewing Kit: It all Started With Paint

  2. Pedicure Kit: A Night Owl Blog

  3. Bloody Mary Kit: Something Turquoise

Dioramas:  These miniature worlds are so much fun to create.  The ones pictured below are Christmas themed, but you can make any kind of scene you like.  Consider a fairy garden, or a miniature cityscape.  If you want to add people, check out hobby shops and online for miniature scale model figures.  You can specify the size you want, and they can add a lot of fun to your scene.

Tutorials here:

  1. Car in Jar: Mason Jar Crafts Love

  2. Silhouette Village: Felt Magnet.com

  3. Snow Globe: Whipperberry

Food:  You can’t go wrong with food, and there are so many cute and creative ways to package holiday treats.  The bonus of this craft is that everything is easy to find and probably at your local grocery store.  We’ve all seen the soup, cookie, and hot chocolate mixes, but you may want to consider these slightly more gourmet gifts as well.  For the vanilla and the oil, if this is a last-minute gift, you’ll just need to include a note telling the date they will be ready.


  1. Flavored Salt: Country Living

  2. Handmade Vanilla: Tidy Mom 

  3. Herbed Oils: Just Putzing

Try some of these great inexpensive and easy tutorials this holiday season and your friends will be impressed with your DIY chops and grateful they didn’t receive another pair of socks!  If you try any of these, I’d love to hear how they turn out!  Post pix of your creations so we can see them in action.

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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