Getting Organized, Part 2

This winter, I wrote a post about getting organized the easy way.  I talked about the idea of purging the junk you don’t need a la Marie Kondo (who now has a show on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet – BTW, she is the most adorable adult woman I have ever seen.)  I’ve set about this purging process myself in my own home, and I thought I’d give you an update on how it’s going.

I am doing a great job!  Just very slowly because I don’t have literally an entire week to sort through my crap.  I did a Marie Kondo-style clothing purge which was kind of funny compared to the people I’ve seen on her show.  I’m the opposite of a clothes horse, so while some of her TV show participants literally had an entire room full of clothing, mine fit comfortably on my bed so it wasn’t quite as daunting.  I got rid of everything that I don’t absolutely love, which pared the selection down significantly so now every time I look in my closet, I don’t think “I hate everything in here.”  There’s not too much to look at though, so I’m now on a quest to find a couple of key pieces that I really like.  I’m extremely picky and have really broad shoulders, so that combo considerably narrows down the field of options, sadly.  The added benefit is that I’m not constantly looking through the laundry to find my favorite X because the mountains of clothes have disappeared (my clothes at least.)

garbage inside a room

Everyone else is doing a horrible job.  My kids have so much shit that they seriously can’t find anything and have forgotten about half the stuff they own because they haven’t laid eyes on it in ages.  My house is in a constant state of looking like we’ve just been robbed.  I told them we were going to go through their stuff and give them each 100 “tickets” which they could use to purchase their own toys.  They would “buy” the toys they wanted to keep and we would get rid of all the rest. Any “tickets” they had left at the end we would exchange for cash money.  This is an thinly veiled attempt at getting their greedy little hearts to get rid of everything and just take the cash, with which there is no way they could possibly purchase an equal amount of stuff.

The plan is to box up all this junk and take it to the flea market to sell over the course of a weekend.   Whatever doesn’t sell will be heading to the Goodwill straight from the flea, part two of my evil scheme to never see this stuff in my house again.  Greg would just as soon send it all off to charity and be done with it, but I want to try and teach my kids about value and work, so I’ll be sitting out in the 100 degree 99% humidity of the North Carolina summer in an attempt to pass along this principle. 

assorted color clothes display on street

So, if you do the math of the above paragraphs, this is what is happening at my house right now: slow + huge boxes of crap = crazy husband.  Greg is a little OCD when it comes to having things organized and I apparently have a very high threshold for this.  When we were first married, he would put the toaster oven away in the cabinet after I used it because he didn’t like to see it on the counter.  I repeatedly accused him of hiding things, so he eventually let me have the toaster on display all the time.  We eventually came to an unspoken agreement that if he wants to “clean up” the house by stashing things in random places, I  won’t complain too loudly that everything is missing if it saves me the hassle of cleaning.  So, when the house is a wreck he typically is the one who cracks and cleans everything up – generally in a frenzied fit from having tolerated it as long as possible and then snapping.  It’s like we’re playing some sort of game of cleaning chicken to see who can stand the chaos longer before one of us just loses it and cries “uncle.”  I’m pretty sure I’m winning, mostly because I can’t ever find anything.

man sitting in floor of room full of books

We are kicking around the idea of moving, (possibly to an off-the-grid house, but that’s a whole other blog post), but at this point there’s still enough work to do on the purging front that the thought of getting everything out of the house is giving both of us panic attacks.  Hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll have made enough headway to make it to the flea market and get out from under this pile of junk!  I’ll keep you posted…

What are you working on this summer and what would you most like to get rid of to simplify your life?