Living in the dark – thank goodness!

applause audience band celebration

As hurricane Florence makes her way towards our fair city, (or perhaps not – who knows?) I am contemplating life without power for a few days and am just a little bit grateful.  Our kids, like everybody else’s, are addicted to screens and it finally came to a head when we went to Boston about a week ago and the only thing the two of them wanted to see was the inside of our hotel room.   The whinging about how much their feet hurt was relentless (probably because they never use them.)  And the coup de gras was breaking down and leaving the Pearl Jam concert we had basically planned the trip around because they were “bored.” Are you kidding?!?  Side note:  I have to admit I did enjoy the first part of the concert being that “cool” parent who brought their kids to a concert – but then quickly realized why this was an anomaly.

So, we’ve decided to pull the plug at least by limiting the amount of time they spend gaming and watching YouTube to an hour a day.   We don’t hate ourselves, so they’ll get

yellow candy machine

to watch some educational stuff, but you would have thought from their reaction that we told them we were going to shoot the dog.  I think the older one may have actually been going through withdrawal – he was exhibiting all the behaviors except the shakes.  A friend of ours who is familiar with addiction recommended sweets to help curb the discomfort.  We’ll end up trading one vice for another, but it did seem to help!

Anyway, as we settle into the long-haul of actually enforcing the new limits, I’m hopeful that for at least a few days we’ll be able to say, sorry – the power is out, can’t help you.  Sweet mercy.

toddler with red adidas sweat shirt

Good luck to all you moms and dads out there staring down the barrel of at the least 4 solid days stuck inside with the kids!