The power of less

When we went away this summer, we basically had to move every last bit of crap strewn around our house into the attic (also known as the master bedroom.) Which left our upstairs an absolute war zone, but our downstairs was heaven. You could actually find things, there was room in the linen closet for linens (instead of everything but) my kitchen utensils we no longer hopelessly jumbled together. Ahhhh.

A couple of months before, I had read a book called “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo which had briefly inspired me to start purging my own stuff, and then I was going to move on to the kids. She’s A little hard-core for me, rolling all her clothing so her drawers looked like bento boxes, but she’s Japanese, so there you go. It’s really kind of time consuming, but it was also a really freeing feeling to get rid of so much stuff that I didn’t need and really didn’t want. I’d heard that your wardrobe should only contain the first 20 things you’d grab if there was a fire. I tried that last fall and it really did work wonders. I only kept the stuff I felt good wearing. You know those days when you put something on and it’s just kind of “eh”? After purging my wardrobe, I didn’t have those days anymore. I only wore stuff that I really liked and it made getting ready so much more stream-lined.

I still have a ton of work to do to finish decluttering upstairs, but the downstairs portion of our house is so much more peaceful now with less of everything. The kids are even actually playing with their toys because they’re not so overwhelmed with choices.

I would encourage you to make the effort to put a decluttering plan in place. It’s sort of like going on a diet, it’s a fair amount of work up front but you’ll feel so much lighter in the end.


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