We flew into Hamilton Island on Wednesday and it’s beautiful. We keep having this funny circular conversation with Jude similar to “Who’s on first?” about the coral reef. He keeps asking when we’re going to go and we keep explaining that we’re there. We’re telling him we’re going to the beach and he gets mad because he says “I want to go to the coral reef,” and we say, yes we know, it’s in the ocean, at the beach. Seems straightforward enough, but we’ve had this conversation about 5 times now. I think he must think its some sort of theme park with an entrance.

Speaking of theme parks, we took a roller coaster to Whithaven beach yesterday. For those of you who know how easily I get motion sickness, I thought I was going to die. Seriously, the whole boat was gasping every time we hit these enormous waves it was so choppy. And the our tour guide comes to sit with us and explain what we were going to be doing all day as this was going on. I almost started laughing at him.

But we got there in one piece, and it was worth it. It was the most beautiful beach ever. 99% silica sand, so white and fine, the water was a blazing aqua color, it was amazing. We even saw some stingrays about the size of a car tire, that was cool.

We did a bit of beach hopping and I found some really incredible shells. So of course I stuffed my pockets full of them to take home until later I heard the captain saying it was illegal. Oops, deer in the headlights. I literally had shells falling out of my pockets. So I sadly dumped them out at the next beach all in one big pile and bid them goodbye.

Back at the ranch, we’ve found a ton of hermit crabs on the beach outside our hotel too so the boys have had fun picking them up by the handfulls. And the birds here are apparently notorious. There are cocatoos everywhere and they are really beautiful, but they’re really aggressive for people food, so it’s a bit like a tropical version of “The Birds” if you eat outside.

Jude spotted a kangaroo on the lawn of our hotel the first night we were here. He seems like a regular visitor because he was back last night, so maybe we’ll go down tonight and see if we can see him up close.

Tomorrow it’s off to Cairns to pick up the campervan. We’ll be driving there from here in a regular car, so hopefully we can get the hang of driving on the left before we start driving the behemoth.


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